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How Football Took Over The World

How Football Took Over The World

By on Dec 9, 2016 in Football |

Whether you call it football or soccer, you cannot deny the fact that the game is enchanting and captivating, and that millions of people religiously observe encounters of their favorite teams. Football is by far the most popular sport on the planet, and this global phenomenon has spread to all continents and into every country. Regarding participants and spectators, no other sport can compete with football, and it seems that the overall popularity of this game is still rising. With the improvements in technology and communication, new areas of the world are discovering this beautiful game, and since football is sometimes more than just a sport – new business opportunities are opening up for clubs and various football associations.

As a matter of fact, the governing body, FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) is actively looking for ways on how to expand its reach and how to make football even more dominant. For example, the aggressive campaign of bringing the game over to America is paying back since US citizens are increasingly involved in playing professional football, and a similar scenario is happening with women football. Ladies are attracting more and more attention, and their competitions are full of skill and impressive goals and dribbles.


How It All Began

As we all know, football was born in Britain, all the way back in the 19th century. Long-lasting clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United, and many others were created as worker’s unions, and industrial workers were the ones who scored the first goals. Gradually, the game has evolved, and maybe because of the influence of the British Empire, many nations accepted the game and began playing and forming teams of eleven players.

According to many experts, socioeconomic and cultural factors could have been an important element in the widespread popularity of the early football, but most of the experts also say that the simplicity of the actual game is the dominant reason for the “success” of the sport. In other words, you only need to put two stones or bottles a few feet apart, bring the ball – and the fun can start!


Modern Football

Whatever the reason for the success of football may be, it is evident that this game is easy to play and easy to understand, but at the same time – it is complex and has a lot of subtle nuances that can leave us amazed for days. People usually have their favorite teams and favorite players, and big corporations are also involved in the entire show as well. Money makes the world go round, and without financial support – many clubs would go down a long time ago, and the whole structure of global football would quickly collapse.

Football can provide us with a lot of exciting and entertain moments, and it seems that all year round we can watch some competition. National seasons and cups are replaced by global and international cups and friendlies, and all of this leaves us with nothing else to do than to relax and enjoy watching superstars play this incredible game.