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Changes In FIBA World Cup Qualification System


For years has the FIBA World Cup stayed in the shadows of the FIFA global championship that took place in the same calendar year, but things are about the change. On a big conference that was held in Kuala Lumpur, the governing board of FIBA announced that the basketball World Cup will go through some significant changes and that the system of qualifying for this event will also suffer some extensive modifications.

To be precise, the next FIBA World Cup will take place in China in 2019 instead of 2018, as was planned. The new term provides the competition with improved visibility and exclusivity, but the news does not stop there. Following the new rules, 32 teams will have the opportunity to play at this tournament, and eight cities in China will host the venues. Also, more than 140 countries will be divided into Division A and Division B during the qualifiers, according to their level of quality.