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Steven Gerrard Announced His Retirement


One of the most famous football players, Steven Gerrard, has recently announced his retirement from professional football. His remarkable career has ended after his club, LA Galaxy, suffered a loss and was therefore eliminated from further competition in the MLS Playoffs. Gerrard previously said that LA would be his one and only club besides his beloved Liverpool FC, and he honored his promise by announcing his retirement. According to Gerrard’s friends and people who know him well, this shy and reserved star will continue to be involved in pro football, probably by acquiring his coaching license first.

Gerrard played for Liverpool almost all his life, and ever since his school days he was a part of their Academy. Gradually, he made it to the first team, where he made a huge impression over the years. Quickly he became the captain and one of the most important players on the team, and his trophies and records speak for themselves.